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Lo staff del Campo Emilia, privati dell'esperienza che avevano preparato per un anno intero, non hanno accettato di piegarsi alla violenza del covid 19 e stando bene assieme hanno deciso di percorrere la Via degli Dei da Bologna a Firenze come pellegrini in cammino.
The Campo Emilia staff, deprived of the experience they had prepared for a whole year, did not accept to bow to the violence of covid 19 and being well together, they decided to travel the Via degli Dei (the Pathway Gods) from Bologna to Florence as pilgrims on the way.

Un viaggio non è solo un ' Preparare i bagagli e lasciare la propria dimora per un certo periodo', ma significa anche conoscere le nuove persone che incontriamo nel profondo", imparando e condividendo.
D'altronde il viaggio non è altro che una nuova scoperta di cose che non conosciamo e, a volte, alcune di queste ultime, ti sorprendono tantissimo!
A me è successo!

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you for the great time  I have spent in Italy.
It is hard for me to put into words how much this trip meant to me, that’s why It took me too much time.
This year I went for the fourth time on exchange program, its  my second time with lions and my first camp and I knew it would going to be great.
It all started on June 28th when I left Mexico. After I don’t remember how many hours of traveling and after too many stops(totally worthy), I arrived at the airport in Bologna where my host family were waiting for me. My host stay was at Correggio, small city but beautiful  near to Carpi.
Within 2 weeks my host family showed me around, their family and friends, the history, food, language, culture, art, architecture and another cities within Italy. I had an amazing time with them. In less than a week, this family grew so dear to me that I now have one family in Italy. I was so lucky to have them. During my stay I met others who were part of the camp and it was amazing that we could hang out together before the camp.

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I feel extremely grateful and blessed that I had the chance to be part of an experience like this. Campo Emilia blessed me with the most beautiful three weeks of my life. I had an eye opening experience, lasting friendships were made, and now I have a million memories to share. I cannot describe how I felt after the camp. So fullfilled, loved and overwhelmed in a good way. Tears in my eyes I came back to Finland. I was going through some really tough time before coming to Italy and you guys at the camp healed me a little. You made me feel worthy, loved and cared again. You made me see myself as a good person againand you made me respect myself. I also learned to respect others moreand see their point of view and help them with their problems.I learned a lot about different cultures and after all we are not that different at all. I traveled and lived with over thirty strangers and we didn’t know each other but little by little we learned something from each other and became friends and even more, a big family. All the laughs and tears we shared. I got to know so many awesome and beautiful people around the world. I’m so happy to know you all. 

First, I’ll have to thank you and your colleagues for giving me the opportunity to come visit you and experience your culture. Overall, my stay in Italy was wonderful, and if I was given the chance I would gladly do it again. I’ve split the feedback into the different places I visited to give you a better overview.

Matera: I think Matera was a great place to start the exchange program because of the people we lived with. I am under the impression that all the different host families knew each other well, which in return made it easier for myself and the other travelling youths to get to know each other. The fact that we could take part of the Festa della Bruna was also very interesting. The only thing I would suggest to improve the experience is to delay the visit until our host siblings had finished their exams, so that we could enjoy more time together.

On the 30th of July my adventure in Italy started as my flight from Helsinki, Finland took off. I arrived in Bari, Italy in the afternoon where I was greeted by my first host family. They were very lovely. On the car ride I spoke italian with them, which was bizarre to me since I had only studied it at school. In Matera my host sister Anna took me for a walk around the city. The old buildings called “i sassi” were unlike anything I had seen before. They had a really interesting history which I came to learn during my stay in Matera. In the evening we went for dinner and met the Lions and other campers.

  1. Matera.On the evening of June 30thI arrived at Bari Airport at about 18 o´clock together with Hendrik, the Norwegian boy. Our host-mothers picked us up and we went to Matera, the cultural capital of this year. We had dinner all together in a pizzeria with a nice view of the oldest part of the town. The next morning we started early to explore the beautiful center of Matera; we visited the cathedral and walked through the narrow streets, we passed at the old stone houses, Sassi, and watched an interesting movie about the history of Matera. We also visited a museum that showed us how people used to live in the rocks, how their houses looked like and which furniture they had. For lunch we turned back to our host families house and dinner was together in group in some restaurant. The next day, the second of July, was the day of the most important celebration of Matera, called “Festa della Bruna”.

I arrived Bologna Airport the 1st of July, after some difficulties and delays.
Nevertheless, the very long trip to Italy was worth it when I got to meet my host mom, my Canadian host sister (Amelia) and Federico at the airport.
Our host mom drove me and my host sister to Camping Tahiti, her very own camp site in Lido delle Nazioni.
At first, I was a little worried that I wouldn´t learn anything about Italy from living at a camp site, but I was wrong.
I had a great experience there, and I learned a lot, especially about the Italian culture and language.
During the days there, Amelia and I hung out with other youths that worked there, and I felt very included from the very first day.
I felt like a part of their family. Cristina, our host mom, was very busy during our stay, but she did her best to make us feel comfortable and welcome.
I must say she did a great job ruling the camping at the same time as she was our mom.

India is very vast and a mega diverse nation.
I have been travelling within India since I was a kid. 12 years though, I haven't been to every part of her. This year, I traveled across the seas, to visit another nation. I was fascinated by the architecture, art , cuisine and the rich history of Italy. I shortlisted Italy as my destination.
Since I participated for the first time in the youth exchange programme, I didn’t know what to expect. I was warmly welcomed by my host brother and my host mom at the Bologna airport. As I met them, I felt cheerful and I was excited to explore a new land. Having reached the house, I met my host sister and host grandma. I met my host dad the next day when he returned to Modena, from a trek.
No sooner did I reach their house, their love and affection made me feel that I was a member of their family. I had an amazing experience with my host family.
My stay with the family had been absolute fun.

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Sono stata felice di far parte di questo scambio YEC, è un'esperienza straordinaria che ci consente di entrare in contatto con i giovani di tutto il mondo e aprirci a nuove culture. Ho imparato molto, questo viaggio è stato molto gratificante.
Vorrei ringraziare il Lions Club Terrasson (in particolare il mio padrino Olivier Bernard), che mi ha dato l'opportunità di partecipare a questo scambio.
Ringrazio la famiglia Acotto che ha condiviso generosamente la sua vita quotidiana con me per 2 settimane.
Hanno fatto di tutto per farmi sentire a casa nella loro casa e mi hanno fatto scoprire molto sull'Italia.

Host family
I'm grateful for I had a very providing host family. I wasn't bored at all and we had such an amazing experience together.
During the time with host family I saw and tried many different things that I have never seen or tried before. We visited Ravenna on the west coast and I swam in the sea for the very first time. I visited also Bologna with my host brothers three or four times. I'm so happy how much I could see there and I learned very many new things about Bologna. The only thing that I knew about Bologna before I went there was that the first universe in the world has been founded there.
I also met a few of my host brothers' friends and it was great to meet very many new people. We did very many things together and I was little bit an outsider when they spoke Italian together but that was fine.
In the middle of the being with host family we visited Florence. We went there by train with my host brothers and two their friends. I also met one of my Finnish friends who was an au pair near Florence.
I really liked being with my host family and I really hope that we will meet again. I'm so glad that I had so friendly and great host family.

I can’t describe how grateful I am to have participated in this year Lions Campo Emilia. I am really thankful for all the love, kindness and help my hosts families gave me.
I was so happy to meet the host familie’s friends and relatives
I learned so much about the Italian culture and food.
I spent such a great time at Campo Emilia, I made so many wonderful new friends.
Furthermore, we had so many superb activities which expanded our knowledge of the Italian culture and many other cultures.
I fell in love with Bologna the moment I arrived, not only for its rich history and culture but the love of the first host family which was the best one could ever wish, they were absolutely adorable.
I want to thenk the Israeli Lions again for letting me havethis beautiful experience, the host families and especially for the awesome camp leaders and campers.
I had so much fun meeting you guys, and I love and miss every and each one of you


From the day that I got accepted within this program, I got excited to start this adventure.
I’ve been familiar with the Lions Youth Exchange since I was 12, we had exchange students at home every summer. And I loved being a host sister.
But going on exchange myself was something I enjoyed even more.
This year I went for the second time on exchange myself, and I knew it would going to be great.
I want to thank the Lions from Campo Emilia for making this amazing exchange come true for people all around the world. This experience has thought me so many good things, and I am thankful for the positivity and openness within the group but also within the camp leaders.
So on the 29th of June, the real adventure started.

I will start this report as Daniela (my camp director) did before every conversation, ‘Dear Ladies and Gentlemen’, it is hard for me to put into words how much this trip meant to me. It all started on June 28th when I left Canada. After 13 hours of traveling I arrived at Bologna. I was then sent to a wonderful host family in Modena for 3 days. They were really nice and showed me their beautiful town. They also took me to see their horses and I was able to meet a lot of their friends. They took time to show me old architecture and showed me lots of old churches. After this host family, I was sent to another one for 11 days which I didn’t do much with. I luckily was placed with another girl from Norway who was going to Campo Emilia with me. We spent a lot of time together and got to know each other really well. They did send me to Venice for a day, which was a really cool experience.

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you for the great time I have spent at the Camp Reggio Emilia.
It has been the adventure of my life, which I will never forget.

On the 11.7. the adventure of my life began.
After my first flight alone, I arrived at the Rossena Castle in Reggio Emilia, where I was to live for the next 10 days.
There I met the other camp participants. These came from all over the world and fortunately we all got on well right away.
After getting acquainted with the camp rules, we moved into our rooms. I shared mine with 8 other girls. That is a big number but nevertheless it wasn’t as disturbing as I imagined it to be.

My name is Filippo Fiorini,
I started my wonderful experience on the 11th of July in Rossena Castle (Reggio Emilia) where I met the other guys.
During the camp we went to different typical restaurants, we visited Ferrara, a Parmesan cheese production, the Lions blind dog training centre in Limbiate, we did activities at the castle and we went to the pool.

Ho partecipato al camp Italia in Sicilia.
Anche se inizialmente credevo che sarebbe stato più bello andare all'estero, mi sono accorta che in realtà questa è stata un'esperienza unica in cui ho potuto vivere il territorio siculo, tanto quanto coltivare amicizie.
I nostri organizzatori non ci hanno fatto mancare nulla, abbiamo fatto molte attività e ci hanno portato a visitare molti posti.
Abbiamo pernottato a Piazza Armerina, Palermo e Linguaglossa, così da permetterci di visitare tutti i posti più belli della Sicilia.
Siamo stati al mare, al parco avventura, parco giochi, parco acquatico, poi abbiamo fatto una camminata su dei crateri secondari sull'Etna e per finire siamo stati a visitare Isola Bella  e Taormina. 

I have really appreciated the idea of including people with law vision in a camp like that.
In my opinion it has allowed me to challenge myself both in the English language and mostly in helping other people know my disability and what in means to live with that. 
In my opinion the blind meal was great, in fact it made me understand how blind people live.
Personally I decided to cover my eyes because, even if I’m visual impaired, I think being blind is a greater disability than mine and I want to know it better.
Another thing I really loved was the bycicle tour. In fact I think it was very well organized and I loved it a lot! It is a different way to visit a city. It allowed me to know a city I had never seen before doing some sport.

My exchange to Italy was propably the best thing that has ever happen to me.
All the people, food and activities were amazing including the early mornings and late night walks all the way up to the castle. 
The first two weeks I spent with my host-family in Sassuolo. They took care of me and showed me a lot of new places.
My host-sister took me always with her and I got to know her friends and the way teenagers hang out in Italy.
Even though I loved my host-family I think the camp could be longer.
I’m happy that I met one of the campers before going to the camp so it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

This summer I got the chance to attend Italy Lions Emilia Camp and it was one of the best times of my life!
I got to meet wonderful people all around the world and when you spend 10 days together, you can have really good friendships.
Also I believe we had the best camp leaders. They made everything more fun. It’s such a good feeling to see that whenever you had a problem about the place or sleeping or accidentally twist your arm(
), they have the same problems like you and they slept less than you and they are walking all the way up to the castle when you ankle is bad.
So they 

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