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Italy 2018

Thanks everyone who made this experience possible for me and who were part of it!
It was amazing time, I spent great three weeks in Italy. I wish the camp had been longer but I still like that the host-family time and camp time were quite equal, cause these different experiences are priceless.

Living in host-family

I had the best host-family I could wish for. Already few months before my arrival, host-sister sent me a letter and I felt really expected there, it made me feel safe and even more excited. They welcomed me at the airport and took me to eat, the food was perfect of course. I am really glad that I had a host-sister basically the same age as me and she also introduced me to her friends. We hanged out a lot, also went camping, I’m so grateful I got really close not only with my sister but also some of her friends!
I’m happy that I had a lot of time to rest while I was in the family but we still visited different places and did some activities together, for example we went bicycling. The best part was going to the sea for a weekend, cause I love sea and boating, I got tanned and it was the first time I travelled with caravan. My family was really caring and loving, I miss them so much!

Hello, my name is Liza Girhiny and I am from Hungary.
This summer I was visiting the Emilia Lions  camp.
I can't even write down how amazing it was but I will give it a try!
I spent my first ten days with an Italian family. I had the best host family ever! I had a brother and I just loved my Mom.

I miss Italy already!
This was one of the best experiences of my life, I loved every minute of this Camp.
My host families were all very nice, and made me feel like I was part of the family.
I especially liked Matera and Capri.

Travelling with the Lions really is the best way to spend your summer holidays.
The Camp Emilia was my second Lions camp and one of the best weeks of my life.
Already before arriving in Italy I knew that it would be awesome. I mean, how couldn’t it be? Staying in a castle together with people from 21 different countries in the country with the world’s best food?

Da dove iniziare?
Una delle cose che sicuramente mi è rimasta più inpressa è stato il confronto tra culture e lingue, in particolare le differenze riscontrate anche nelle più piccole cose, scoprire che non tutte le lingue hanno un corrispondente per 'buon appetito' e scoprire come appariamo noi italiani all'esterno.
I primi giorni mi sono trovata un po' spaesata, ma poi ho capito che tutti i ragazzi erano proprio nella mia stessa posizione e che l'occasione che avevo: di vivere per 10 giorni in un castello con ragazzi da tutto il mondo, era irripetibile in quanto, certo mai dire mai, però non ci saremmo mai rincontrati tutti quanti insieme molto probabilmente.
La timidezza non valeva la ricchezza dell'esperienza.

Exchange with lions was once in a life experimece for me.
And it was amazing.
During the campstay we get to see Italy in a way it wouldn't be possible by our own. Allmost everyday we get to travel and see new cityes like Milan and Venezia.
Of course we could come and visit them but now we had change to see those places with guides, bikes we had boat rented... everything was organised with great idea.

My experience at Campo Emilia,
how can I recap such amazing experience?
Let's start at the beginning, the first day at camp started a bit confusing,
A lot of new people and leaving my host family, soon enough we were all friends!
Then, we got our rooms, and I loved my roommates!

Already when I saw the castle that we were staying at I became exited. It was a beautiful location! The second I arrived at the camp, people were introducing themselves and making friends. Everyone was so nice and welcoming!
Even though the bus rides were long and the times between meals longer, it was bearable, because every city we went to or every trip we made offered great experiences and memories.
The blind dinner for example made me realize how lucky I am and how I shouldn’t take anything for granted.

Campo Emilia has blessed me with the best summer of my life: lasting friendships, eye opening experiences, and a million memories.
I cannot begin to describe how the connections I have made with my host family and fellow campers have impacted me and my future.
They have showered me with love and I am grateful for each and every one of them.

Italy ❤
One of the most beautiful countries in the world, tastiest food and most romantic people. I’m in love with Venice and Milano. I hope to have a chance to discover more cities and visit more castles. 

Emilia camp ❤
Place where i discovered new cultures, new feelings and new myself. I had 10 most unbelievable days in my life. I had new friends. I had new interesting moments which will stay in my heart forever.

To be honest, first condition you need to accomplish if you want to take part in Campo Emilia 2018 is to have a lot of energy, will and stamina. Furthermore, you need to be capable of giving, sharing and having a high level toleration.
Or, on the other side, you can just come unprepaired and acquire all of them.
First thing that Campo Emilia thaught me is to know how to take into consideration emotions of the other people and how to help them if they need some kind of help.

Campo Emilia taught me many things.

The most important being to never stop trying.
The first few days for me were hard, as I wasn’t making many friends and always found myself one step behind.
But as I tried to understand the camps purpose and talking with the campers from Italy, I realized I needed to focus on others and not on myself.

10 amazing days in The Emilia camp, i think it was one of the best days in my life.

living in a castle was incradeable!
Every day was different and interesting, camp leaders were amazing. We have visited many beautiful and important cities and places.
We were walking, driving a lot but we were not tired at all.
Than many funny activities at the castle.

July 18th
Blind dinner,
An AMAZING experience, this has definitely changed my point of view, you can never know how different and difficult something can be until you set yourself in the situation.
Every. thing that you do is defined by many other actions, making tea requires more then 10 actions, so imagine not being able to see a thing, imagine having to notice every little action so you won’t mess up and make a mess. 

There are not enough words to describe how incredible the Emilia camp was, it is an experience that leaves a mark on me and that will remain through the years.
Living in an beautiful  ancient castle, you can feel the history on its walls and imagine all the legends that were told there, just amazing!
I lived and traveled with more than 30 strangers, we were very different, we do not know each other, but little by little they became in my friends and even more, in my family.<3

Hi everyone, 
There are too many things to say about these 10 days at the camp with y'all and i don't even know where to start.   
I can honestly say that at the beginning i wasn't really Happy to do this experience because I thought that this idea of inclusion was stupid since i have always been to camos without any problema but then i understood that this wasn't just for me but for all of us. 

This experience has been the best that I've ever had in my entire life.
I had the chance to visit a country that is extremely rich by its culture, and which I was dreaming about discovering for so long.
But most importantly, I got to know awesome people from all around the world, who were absolutely amazing the whole time, and share with them the most beautiful moments of my journey as well as the struggle which was faded by the intense moments
I lived with them.

This was my first student exchange and i must say it was an amazing experience. 
I had alot of fun, made so many new friends. The camp leaders were so nice and friendly. 
Being a vegetarian , food was the only problem i had. But it’s all okay compared to the memories i made.
Thanks a lot for hosting us and making this possible.

This experience was so amazing for me! 
I knew new cultures, people and inacreditable places.
In Italy everywhere are magic and wonderful in my opinion. I love this country!
The camp was perfect and I really thought very important the activity "Dark dinner" because it feels me what is difficult the blind's life because they don't have every our indepence, so we should help them.

This was my first student exchange and i must say it was an amazing experience. 
I had alot of fun, made so many new friends. The camp leaders were so nice and friendly. 
Being a vegetarian , food was the only problem i had. But it’s all okay compared to the memories i made.

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