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I am very happy because I was a part of this exchange. My experience was great.
I was in two families. In first one I didn't have company, but the parents were so great and they did everything they could to make this experience amazing for me. The second one was also great, but I liked it better because I had company.
Few days before camp I met Lolo who was fun and Lolo told me something about the camp.

When i arrived I felt very happy and I couldn't wait to meet everyone.
I got the best roommate and everything started from that. Then we started to meet each other.
Everyone in the camp were great. I met with others staff and they were really cool. I was so excited to see everything that they planed for us. From day to day it got better. I  have met new friends and that's the best part of the camp. Everything we did in the camp was fun but the climbing on the mountain was the best and very funny. I would like to do everything again. It was a great experience and I recommend everyone to try something like this. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of this group!