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I had a great experience with the Lions Youth Exchange in Italy.

Both of my host families were great. I didn’t expect to have a program in my families, so everything we did was amazing. With my first we visited quite a lot of places. The days we spend at home or at the pool were great too, because it was nice to have a day for not doing something. The family was really nice too. They taught us a little Italian and gave us a lot to eat, all the food was tasty.

Even though we didn’t do as much as in the first family, my second family was great too. The first day they took me to the Lake Garda, we had a great time there. The days after me and my host sister went into the city for shopping. Also at their home it was great. The whole family was – like the first family – really nice and welcoming to me.

For me both families were great.
They made my first two weeks in Italy just amazing. I had the chance to have a look into the Italian culture, I really enjoyed my stay there.

The way the camp was, was perfect. There is nothing I would actually change. It is indeed the best part of the Youth Exchange; everybody was kind and I really hope we will meet all again.