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My trip to Italy had started on June 25th.
It was the first time I had ever gone out of the United States, and I was really excited to see what all of it was going to be like - the plane ride there, the country, the people- everything.
My first host family was great- they were really welcoming and friendly and made my time with them go smoothly. We went and saw different towns around their home in Carpi every day- we saw a few castles, which I learned there was a lot of in Italy, and went to a beautiful lake one day with beautiful villas and a lot of tourists.
My second host family was wonderful, too- they were very friendly and gave me everything I needed. I went to the pool and shopping with them, and relaxed a lot in the house.

The camp was during the last week of my trip- located in Modena, and in a university dormitory called San Carlo. Every day we were doing something new, like visiting a balsamic vinegar, Parmesan cheese, or ham factories, swimming, or visiting old, beautiful towns and learning all about their history and buildings.
We even got to stay a night in the mountains in a beautiful log cabin with the whole camp, and hiked a really big mountain the next day. 

I think that my favorite part of the whole trip was meeting new people.
I made so many new friends, and I learned SO much about other countries.
This trip opened my eyes to how big the world is, and how different every country and culture is.
I miss everyone that I met there, and hope to see them and Italy in the future. :)
Molly Gardner