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I attended the camp from Turkey and I was in Italy for 3 weeks.
To be honest, I had some problems with my first host family. When I arrived, it was Saturday and it was good.
Also on Sunday they took me to the beach and Verona so everything was nice. But on Monday, my host mom and dad went to work. They had 3 children and one of their daughters was my age. The others siblings also went to work and I was alone with the girl that was my age.
The problem is, she did not know English. And it was like this the whole week. I was alone at home with someone that I could not even talk to.

Sometimes we would go to the city centre and meet her friends but then they would talk Italian most of the time.
So I am asking you to be careful about if the person that is the same age with the exchange camper knows enough English to communicate.
Because that week was so boring and I didn't do anything except sitting in my room. 
They also told me on my first day that they would not take me to the big cities because the Lions Club told them so. But in the camp I learnt that other people went to some of the big cities with their host families. 
Although my second family as so friendly and nice. I had so much fun with them. They taught me things about the Italian culture and I taught them about the Turkish culture which was the aim of this exchange program. I am so grateful that I got to spend time with them.
And finally, the camp.
It was the best ten days of my life.
Our camp director and camp leaders were amazing.
All the camp leaders were like brothers and sisters to us.
It was a bit tiring but it was definitely worth it. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.
Thank you for everything. 
Big love