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Saying "goodbye" is never easy. Especially, when you know you won't be able to see someone extremely important to you for a long time. 
I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful to you guys. I felt like it was a trip around the world, even though I stayed in the same place. I learned new words like "batti cinque" or "yläfemma" and now I know how to pronounce "cabbage" properly. I learned that although we come from different countries, we're all pretty similar. 


And finally I learned that everyone likes to play mafia (but where can I find our Brazilian nurse, American and Italian narrators, Finnish girls that are always the mafia or Denmark boy who dies in first round all the time?
I spent amazing time with you guys and I hope that we'll see each other one day.
And of course I wanted to say thank you to my lovely host sister Vanessa I could forget about normal life, problems and responsibilities because of all the crazy things that we did together. Hope your exchange in USA will be as incredible as mine - here in Italy.
Thank you guys for everything! I love you all so much

Gabriela Bączkowska
​ (from Polland)​