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Thanks, thanks everybody,
I've just finished a fantastic experience as a staff member of Lions Lake Camp! I came here as a Leo who wanted to improve his English and to have fun but in the end I'm a better person, a growing-up person with 15 new friends around the world! During the Camp I met a lot of people: my 3 roommates with whom I share "the man time" every night, before going to sleep - with Marcelo I loved singing Italian songs, my Danish friend Kean and I always play in swimming pool, my German friend and I got emotional together. 
I also met my fantastic American friends: 3 girls completely different but fantastic and very funny as well! I met a marmede form the Lone Star State, a fantastic singer from Missouri and a very funny girl form Wisconsin. I met my great friend Doora that helped me in every moment and she was my special advisor,

I met my English teacher Amy with a fantastic accent, I met my fantastic Finland friends (Noora and Janita) that always won at "mafia game"
I met my Turkish friend Serval that always had a good word for me
I met my Poland friend Gabi I always had fun with - even if she explained me how she could kill me
I met fantastic Remgaili who got 3 days to teach me her name.

I met Anastasia my Ukraine friend that is very shy but she loves Italian culture as much as me.
I met a young crazy Spanish girl that is soo funny and fantastic and she speak English as bad as me 
I also wanna thank Ivo, my running time friend that allowed me to be a staff member ! He is an incredible Lions but first of all an incredible person with a very big heart!
I had a lot of fun because I shared this experience with two amazing mates (Irene and Chiara), with whom I had very strong and deep feelings that I won't easily forget. 
This experience taught me that there are no boundaries ! No race, no difference, we are only human beings and in our life we have to live every day passionately without remorse.
I want to conclude with these words of a great song: "So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate"
Our fate is to be together, boundaries aren't a problem!
In the end I want to say goodbye in a special way: every morning when I arrived to the breakfast room I always said "goooooood morning everybody" - today I couldn't tell you that, but today I want to tell you: see you sooooonnn everybody!

With love
Enrico Frazzini


Staff member