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ITALIA: what else?

My trip to Norway began when I was hosted by a wonderful Norwegian family, who hosted 10 kids in their holiday home in Sweden.
The family guaranteed us food at will and every day we were presented with a different activity.
We visited in Sweden, a lake near the house that we stayed where we bathed and spent 2 pleasant afternoons in the middle of nature.
Everyone had their own room and on campus there were 3 Italians with whom I could get settled more easily, also the guys inside the house were great, which enriched me culturally thanks to the differences of their traditions.
After last week in Sweden we changed state and arrived in Norway.

In Norway we stayed in a hotel where the rooms were divided for 2 people and I was staying with an American, who managed to improve the English mil speaking daily with him, being for him a native language.
The campus consisted of 2 football fields, a gym, a field where you could play fresbee and included 4 meals with always abundant portions of food.
We visited the capital formed by beautiful monuments and museums, we visited various castles, abbiqmo did competitive activities and themed games depending on the daily activity.
We did rowing and I found that it is a very tiring and difficult sport, in fact we overturned von the canoe 2 times but overall it was very fun.
The climate is mild and in summer it is perfect for those who suffer the sultry heat of Italy, the day is very long and I noticed that there are only 3 hours of buoio total within a full day, so it is very likely to find the sun again at 11 pm
Every person on campus had to do the presentation of their state and our presentation on Italy was a success.
Stefan, Masoto of Helle, sensitized us about the war in Ukraine that he lived in first person going and helping victims.
A man with a pure heart, who has made us understand that in another part of the world, wherever you are, there will always be a person who is facing a situation worse than yours and who must be strengthened and work hard to achieve their goals, because there are people who have not even been given the chance because of wars and a government that does not guarantee freedom.
I sincerely thank the Lions Foundation and all the guys I flooded and of course the host family who accompanied us all the way for this fantastic experience to discover Norway

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