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Lions Camps in Italy

Hand-written Application Forms will not be accepted. We accept only Excel Application Form sent by email.

Each candidate wll have to attach a medical clearance stating his good health and that no continuous pharmacological therapy is needed


Camp Dates           10 - 23 July 2023
Family Stay             03  - 10 July 2023
Age requirement    17/21
Camp fees             180 €
Languages             Engliish - Italiano

Camp Contact        Maria MARTINO
Mobile                    +39 339 3143276

Camp Activities.     Sharing your cultures, you will visit the southern regions of Italy (Campania, Basilicata and Calabria) in an amazing travel among nature, history, and art. In a mix of cultural and recreational activities, each participant
                                will taste the Italian way of life, as traditional musics and dances, historical folklore, local gastronomy. The activities will be mixed with reflections on the themes of the Camp: the EU Chart of fundamental rights and the
                                importance of solidarity and mutual comprehension. A final evening with individual contributes of all the young guests will close the Camp experience.

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AF deadline           15 March 2023

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