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Hello Alfredo
I came home last night, 7pm, and I had a great week with the hostfamily!
As we promised we will write to you when we come home and hear is mine.

I have had two wonderful weeks in Bormio. From the first day when you picked me up in Milan to the moment where we had to move on, you have been a great guy. I had fun and i have got a lot of new experiences.

But most of all, i made some really good friends, of cause in the start we firstly had to learn eachother but we came along good and i have mae friends for life that i definitly want to see again.
The week was packed with really tough trips sometimes but we all made it through and i am sure that i can speak on behalf on all of us when i say that we are happy that you pulled us up on the peaks. I think it was good that we had a couple of days where we didn't do much because it sometimes was really exhausting! :D

It was nice that Michele wanted to use some of his time on us. He is at the same end of age as us :) I want to say thanks to you Alfredo, Michele and your Brother WHO many times came with us on the trips. I want to say thanks to everyone WHO made this possible because it has been, right i can say, the biggest experience yet.

Best wishes in the future,
Jakob Karlsson

Thanks for everything, and hope to meat you all in the future as well.