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The first thing that Giovanna, our camp director, told us is that this camp is tough.
At first I didn’t believe it would be that bad, but I was sadly mistaken.

Putting that aside, coming to this camp I didn’t have any expectations for meeting amazing people, having an awesome time, just thinking I would finally see Italy and all of its beauties. This trip was a wonderful awakening as to why camps like this exist and why young people attend this camps still.Italy is hard to describe in a few words and using only one is not enough, so all I can say is I love Italy! I never thought that in just a few weeks I would form friendships that I would remember and cherish all my life. I have experienced so many thing directly and indirectly through the people around me. Even though at times exhausting and unbearable, the places I have visited and the people I have grown to love in this short time will be imprinted in my heart always.