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After an amazing week with my hostfamily in Prato, I flew to Bari where the Camp started. Unfortunately I wasn’t informed that the camp-bus went from the north of Italy to Alberobello and picked up most of the campers. Anyway, I reached the camp and immediately started to get to know all the great campers from all over the world.

The camp started in the south of Italy where we visited the most interesting places. We visited the Trullis in Alberobello. We went to the beach in Bari and we got told about the history of Matera where we also had the official opening ceremony and a flag ceremony. In my opinion this ceremony was a bit too serious, because it took us very long, but anyway it was a nice experience to represent the own country. 

After our days in the south we went to Rome, where we stayed the three days. We visited the most famous sights and nearly every church there. One day we also spend in the Vatican, which was quite impressive, but very crowded.
The program in Rome was very tough, as we explored it on foot and it was very hot these days. Also the circumstance that we were so many campers made it a bit difficult.

From Rome our awesome driver Alfonso brought us to the Tuscany. We saw a very nice medieval city and had (unfortunately) another flag ceremony. But we also saw a nice performed flag throwing show in Montepulcano.

The next day we spend in Florence, were we luckily were divided into two groups, so it was easier to visit this beautiful city.

After Florence we moved to Roveretto, the city of the hosting Club. It is a nice little city in the south of Trentino. We spend the next ten days in Roveretto, from where we visited the Dolomites, the Expo in Milano and some other places.
Unfortunately there wasn’t so much to do in the place where we stayed and we were not allowed to go out. Would have been nice, if there would have been some things like table soccer, darts or other games. Also country presentations would have been a possibility, as we did it in other camps. 
In Roveretto we also started to prepare for our closing ceremony and the show. We had many rehearsals with professional dance coaches and they took it very serious. Most of the campers, included me, were a bit annoyed that we spent so much time on that. To be fair, I have to mention that I think the show looked really good in the end. 

Our last day we spent in beautiful Venice, from where went home.

As it was my third camp, I saw some things that could have been better. But all in all it was a really great camp. Thanks for the organization to our director Giovanna and the co-director Alessandro. Grazie, Grazie, Grazie!