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Fisrt of all, I really want to thank to the Italian and the Hunagarian organisers the opportunity to let me participate in this camp and to spent 2 weeks with the host family!

My host family lived in a small village,in Castelleone. I was not the only one exchange student there,because I’ve spent the 2 weeks with Lina from Germany,who was in the same camp as well. We became friends immidately and it was so good to have her there,because our host-sister, Letizia had exams to finish at the university. But we we weren’t bored at all,because we had programmes scheduled for every day, for example: we went to Milan several times,of course for shopping, to see the Brera and the Armani museum. We discovered all the small cities around Castelleone . To relax a bit we went to the Lake Garda where we spent 3 lovely days and we have known lots of nice people and we were so sad that we had to leave. After that with Lina, we went to Venice by train. It was an amazing experience and I think everbody should go there at least once in their lives. The two weeks with the host family has just passed away so quickly that we didn’t want to believe it was time to go. To be honest, I couldn’t have wished for a better host family.They were all very nice and kind, we loved the programmes they organised. I really want to thank them here too, that they made our stay unforgettable (I also had to mention that they all spoke good english so there were no problems with the communication).
Some thoughts about the camp: we spent the last week, in Pavia, a nice town quite near to Milan. When we arrived it was so surprising that the number of the camp was only eight because I thought there were going to be like 15-20 students. But after all, I really don’t regret it,because we became a pretty good group.The programmes of the camp were great too,although we visited a bit too much churches,but it was so interesting to discover the smaller villages with a big historical background, as well. Of course one of my favourites was the day when we visited the Expo. I liked that we were free almost the whole day, so we could explore the different pavilons by ourselves. We walked a lot that day but it totally worth it,because it was a once in a lifetime experince that everybody has to see. Beside of the Expo, I prefered Milan with its own atmostphere,the shops the buildings,the people ,everything..I would go back there anytime!
This was my first time with Lions and I have to say that it was an amazing experince. I am so happy that I could meet lots of new people and made new friends not only in the camps,but in Italy. I want to thank all of you for everything and I am sure that someday I will go to Italy again!

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