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India is very vast and a mega diverse nation.
I have been travelling within India since I was a kid. 12 years though, I haven't been to every part of her. This year, I traveled across the seas, to visit another nation. I was fascinated by the architecture, art , cuisine and the rich history of Italy. I shortlisted Italy as my destination.
Since I participated for the first time in the youth exchange programme, I didn’t know what to expect. I was warmly welcomed by my host brother and my host mom at the Bologna airport. As I met them, I felt cheerful and I was excited to explore a new land. Having reached the house, I met my host sister and host grandma. I met my host dad the next day when he returned to Modena, from a trek.
No sooner did I reach their house, their love and affection made me feel that I was a member of their family. I had an amazing experience with my host family.
My stay with the family had been absolute fun.

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All incoming youths must be aware that the precondition to their ultimate acceptance in our camps is them being able to provide the proof that they have either been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovered from Covid-19 according to the rules on coordination of safe and free movement in the EU: digital-covid-certificate_en




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