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Host family
I'm grateful for I had a very providing host family. I wasn't bored at all and we had such an amazing experience together.
During the time with host family I saw and tried many different things that I have never seen or tried before. We visited Ravenna on the west coast and I swam in the sea for the very first time. I visited also Bologna with my host brothers three or four times. I'm so happy how much I could see there and I learned very many new things about Bologna. The only thing that I knew about Bologna before I went there was that the first universe in the world has been founded there.
I also met a few of my host brothers' friends and it was great to meet very many new people. We did very many things together and I was little bit an outsider when they spoke Italian together but that was fine.
In the middle of the being with host family we visited Florence. We went there by train with my host brothers and two their friends. I also met one of my Finnish friends who was an au pair near Florence.
I really liked being with my host family and I really hope that we will meet again. I'm so glad that I had so friendly and great host family.

The camp
First of all, I want to thank to everyone who made this experiment possible! I had such a great time in Italy.I loved to be there.
First day in the camp. I was stressed like everybody else. Not only because everything was new but I also was a little bit sick. The day before the last day I got a fever with my host family and I didn't get better before I went to the camp. I was an outsider because I didn't have enough energy to be active. Also because I wasn't very confident with my English. Luckily I got more confident during the camp.
When we gave presentation in the second day I was little bit disappointed because we didn't have a projector, so I couldn't show all these fantastic memes about Finland :D
Every activity was such an amazing experience!! When we visited in a Parmesan cheese production it was great. I just wonder how there can be so much cheese somewhere. Meeting that guy with whom I talked about politics was great.
I would like to write very much about everything but I don’t know how to put it into words. Especially, I have much to say about food because that food what we ate during the camp was delicious! I think that more than half of these foods were new for me. I can't say anything else but Italian food is amazing! Before I went to Italy some of my friends said that I have to taste Italian ice cream because it should be much better than anything else. Of course I ate very much ice cream and I'm agree that Italian ice cream is very much better than any other ice cream.
Milan is crazy! I must go back in the future because there was too much to see in a few hour. All of these cathedrals and castles and churches were something that I have never seen before and Milan is only one of these great cities I would like to see.
I’m so happy that I got many new friends during the camp. Even though I was little bit insecure with my English because it makes everything harder at the beginning. We had a lot of funny experiments together and when I think back to these memories, I start to smile. Especially that moment when I and a few others were in an adventure in the woods around the castle.
I really hope that I will see even some of you in the future because every person in the camp was such an awesome person. You are amazing! Let’s keep connect with each other!
Thankful regards, Joonatan



All incoming youths must be aware that the precondition to their ultimate acceptance in our camps is them being able to provide the proof that they have either been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovered from Covid-19 according to the rules on coordination of safe and free movement in the EU: digital-covid-certificate_en




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