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I can’t describe how grateful I am to have participated in this year Lions Campo Emilia. I am really thankful for all the love, kindness and help my hosts families gave me.
I was so happy to meet the host familie’s friends and relatives
I learned so much about the Italian culture and food.
I spent such a great time at Campo Emilia, I made so many wonderful new friends.
Furthermore, we had so many superb activities which expanded our knowledge of the Italian culture and many other cultures.
I fell in love with Bologna the moment I arrived, not only for its rich history and culture but the love of the first host family which was the best one could ever wish, they were absolutely adorable.
I want to thenk the Israeli Lions again for letting me havethis beautiful experience, the host families and especially for the awesome camp leaders and campers.
I had so much fun meeting you guys, and I love and miss every and each one of you