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Italy 2018

Thanks everyone who made this experience possible for me and who were part of it!
It was amazing time, I spent great three weeks in Italy. I wish the camp had been longer but I still like that the host-family time and camp time were quite equal, cause these different experiences are priceless.

Living in host-family

I had the best host-family I could wish for. Already few months before my arrival, host-sister sent me a letter and I felt really expected there, it made me feel safe and even more excited. They welcomed me at the airport and took me to eat, the food was perfect of course. I am really glad that I had a host-sister basically the same age as me and she also introduced me to her friends. We hanged out a lot, also went camping, I’m so grateful I got really close not only with my sister but also some of her friends!
I’m happy that I had a lot of time to rest while I was in the family but we still visited different places and did some activities together, for example we went bicycling. The best part was going to the sea for a weekend, cause I love sea and boating, I got tanned and it was the first time I travelled with caravan. My family was really caring and loving, I miss them so much!

Campo Emilia

Viktoria1Wow! The people I met, memories I gathered, I have no words, I loved everything! I even loved these stairs, even though there were more than 150 steps to our room and once I walked it with high heels at 2am. Living in castle is once in a lifetime opportunity and the view was amazing, especially because the Estonian highest point is 318 meters. I really enjoyed watching the sky on the days when there was a thunder somewhere far away.
I have been to many camps in my country as well as in other countries and I really felt this camp was very well organised. Of course there was some confusion once in a while and always everything didn't go like it had been planned but there were so many people willing to solve the problem right away. So it made great experience.
Sometimes I wished we had known a little bit more about the day and what we were going to do because we talked about the schedule on the first day of camp but it was too much information together and also excitement of the camp didn't make it possible to remember everything. Also some days there was a bit too much waiting but it's always like that in camps, not only in Italy.
The camp was exceptional because I saw every person who was organising, conducting etc. did it with their heart and participants also took everything out of that experience. I loved the idea of camp and the activities we had to understand visually impaired people. Also I was really happy to see that everyone were super helpful to each other and there wasn't any judgement.
I'm so glad that we only didn't stay in the castle but took the daytrips to different cities and places. Milan, Venice were definately on my list of must see places but I also enjoyed seeing smaller places and going to the nature.
I am happy that the whatsapp group was made because we still can have that connection with everyone from the camp. I accidentally lost my camp pin but I'm glad I still have the flag.
Taking group pictures can be a bit boring and take a lot of time but I'm happy we took so many of them, because pictures can keep memories alive.
Italy is my second home and I'm waiting to come back! I hope I will see the people I already know and of course I miss Italian food.
THANK YOU! We have to take every opportunity life gives us! I'm so blessed. 
Good Luck and Best Wishes
Viktoria from Estonia :D