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Likely unaccostumed even for us who are quite close to it, as a teen I discovered Hungary in many newsworthy aspects.
I started my journey on a plane, token from the airport of Roma Fiumicino, that landed to Budapest’s Ferihegy airport.
For the first week I stayed in Nyiregyhaza, a nice small city at North-East, not so far from the border with Ukraine. My host family (two guys and their parents) was kind, warm, congenial and so interested about me and Italian culture, a point that I really appreciated and that in a first time surprised me, also because I found out we have many things in common
I fit in everywhere and I have met wonderfull Hungarians which left me with great memories and a bit of nostalgia too.
From 7th to 17th of July I stayed in Gyòr and thereabouts. Knowing people from Indonesia, Mexico, Tunisia and so on is something that I am not able to explain, and this “something” is the reason why I thank Lions Association for this experience, is the reason why I suggest you to join us and became part of it, and is the reason why I am writing this report.

We have had a lot of activities: sightseen, sporting, presenting our countries and so on. One of the best things of these camps is that you are into the nature, you live in houses made of woods and often there is a woods or a lake near by. 
I will never forget when I swom in Balaton Lake, the biggest one in central Europe, or when I spent my last two days in Budapest with them and then when I said farewell to my leaders, or when I ate for the first time langos (a typical Hungarian street food), when I tryed to speak Hungarian with natives and when I saw Nyiregyhaza from a small plane with just three spots. 
The aim of Lions club is to became bigger, to promote an exchange between cultures and youngs, but it is also organized by LEOS, people who put their effords to help poors and others with physical and mental problems. 
2 years ago I became a lion and I have understood how beatifull and deep are the goals of lionism. 
Maybe you reader are a lion too or even a LEO, maybe not, with my report I want to thank you for making it possible. 
See you around the world.