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I really loved the Sound of Music camp, I think it is a good idea to allow people from different nations not only  to meet and know each other, but to sing and play music together. 
In my opinion playing music is the best way to create a group. In fact we had to work together to sing well in the choir and for me this made us be more friends.
Unfortunately I couldn’t participate to the first concert together with all my friends because of my illness, but I think that the sense of welcome I felt when I came back from the hospital was the best experience I had.

Letizia1While we were in the camp the fact we were rehearsing different songs didn’t allow me to speak with everybody also because I couldn’t see where other free people were. In this way I had a lot of free time but it wasn’t easy for me to spend this time with my friends.
Another thing In my opinion should be better is that we didn’t do a lot of visits to other cities. I really loved the tours we did and I think that it would have been amazing to have the possibility to visit more the country.
A part from this, I really loved how in a few days this camp made me feel so happy and comfortable to sing alone in front of so much people, thanks to the fact that everybody else was getting involved. 
I would really suggest this camp to other people and I say thanks to all the staff that organized this amazing camp.