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During the summer I had the opportunity to live a new experience in a country totally different from Italy. I spent about twenty days in Serbia, initially in Novi Sad and then in the capital, in Belgrade.
I spent the first ten days in two different families. I was able to attend one of the biggest music festivals called EXIT FESTIVAL, located inside the Novi Sad fortress.
It was a lot of fun because there were so many young people and I could relate to new people even from other nationalities.
I was also able to visit new places in Serbia and above all to learn about a new culture that I did not expect to be mso different from the Italian one, thanks to the help of the girls who hosted me with their families.

seiThe most beautiful thing, however, in my experience was without a doubt the short but intense life in the camp together with eleven boys of many different nationalities, all very nice, open and sociable.
Together with them and the 3 group leaders I visited Belgrade, a fabulous city, but where I would not return a second time, I am sincere, and then I did a beautiful boat ride on the Danube from Novi Sad to Sremski Karlovci, a small but charming village. Quattro
I also visited the Petrovaradin fortress and catacombs and ended up with an exciting tour in the Fruska Gora forest with jeeps and a wonderful and fun morning at the Adrenaline park.
unoSerbia has surprised me a lot especially for its ways of living and its culture, which I didn't think were so different from mine. I highly recommend the experience of the camp because it is truly a way to relate to other kids and make new friends. in fact, I liked family life but honestly I wouldn't do it a second time!