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My stay in Italy began in Milan, where I was hosted by a lovely family In Saronno for about 10 days.
We got along perfectly from the very beginning and they had already planned many sightseeing trips and tours for me.
Together with the mother, sister and brother, we went to food clubs and restaurants where we tried some traditional Italian foods, and we visited famous landmarks such as the Duomo of Milan, and ‘la galleria di Vittorio Emanuele II ‘.

My host brother took me along to his University in Milan for a few hours and I was able to sit through some of his engineering lectures, but most of all meeting new people at his university.
One of the highlights of my trip was going to Bardonecchia for Christmas, and skiing on the fresh snow slopes.

My host brother was generous enough to teach me for hours on end, how to ski properly, and we eventually progressed up the different slopes.
The family were also kind enough to drive to Verona to see the beautiful city and its attractions, as well as Venice.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, and I would like to sincerely thank my host family and the Lions involved in making it possible.