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Primo anno al campo Emilia!

Bellissima esperienza che spero si possa ripetere in futuro.
Ho conosciuto persone fantastiche e inclusive con tantissima voglia di fare e di divertirsi allo stesso tempo!
Vi ringrazio davvero di cuore per tutto! 


Ciao Loris e Chiara , 
Innanzitutto devo ringraziarvi tanto per aver fatto partecipare al campo Emilia anche 4 persone ipovedenti ( cosa che non è da tutti), quindi siete stati molto originali e speciali!

Per quanto riguarda l'esperienza vissuta, devo dire che non me l'aspettavo così bella ed intensa di emozioni: di fatto, all'inizio pensavo di non integrarmi bene con il resto del gruppo, cosa del tutto normale, visto che all'inizio siamo timidi, ma dopo qualche giorno ho fatto amicizie con il resto del gruppo e mi sono integrato moto bene. Essi hanno capito il problema alla vista e si sono resi disponibili al momento del bisogno ( per salire gli scalini ad esempio o per dirmi "Attento alla macchina").
Questa esperienza, inoltre, è stato molto istruttiva ed utilissima  a livello culturale e sociale: nel senso che, abbiamo scoperto la cultura degli altri paesi e come si vive all'estero ( sistema scolastico, universitario, lavoro), cosa non scontata al giorno d'oggi.

I just want to thank all these amazing people for the beautiful moments we had in the camp together.
Each one of you has made this camp worth remembering!

A special thanks to Ivo Benedetti for the possibility he has given me to be your best staff member ever and to the Lions club that permitted to make this experience possible for all of us. These wonderful memories will be in my heart forever! Love you so much and hope to see you again soon!


Ciao a tutti! After 3 days passed without the camp, I remember the days I spent with such beautiful people. I just want to thank you all for this first and best experience of my life (as a camp leader) which will be stuck in my mind forever. I would like to say thank you to Margherita Muzzi , the person from where I heard about this camp and that gave me the possibility to participate. At first I was a little bit insecure, but my insecurity was immediately cancelled by a person: Ivo Benedetti.

With him I immediately “kept calm, relax” and get out from my insecurity because we agreed about every single way to organise the camp. He also gave me many instructions to become a “leader” and to make the rules respected with amusement and fun all together. 
Thank you to my best staff team, all the campers and all the Lions members. I love you guys. ♥️ 

Sono Kean dalla Danimarca e quest'anno sono staff nel campo dei laghi del Lions Club. Ho 21 anni e ho studiato italiano per 3 anni nel liceo danese, ma oggi dovrò parlare in inglese purtroppo.

Last year I was so fortunate to be a camper myself at lakes camp and this year ivo gave me the opportunity to return as a staff member.

As a camper you get to experience and get to know different cultures from around the world. I got knowledge that I could not receive anywhere else than lakes camp of italy.

This year I got the opportunity to be a part of giving these beautiful young people the same experiences and emotions that are still stuck in my mind and my heart from last year.

I am here to present you my experiences during my exchange program in Italy. I am also representing my country, Turkey.
First of all, thanks to our director, Ivo Benedetti, for choosing me to make this speech.
I am Zeynep Yilmaz and I’m 19 years old. I live in Istanbul which is the most crowded city in Turkey. Turkey surrounded on three sides by the sea and has for seasons in one year. Our main language is Turkish and our regime is democracy. Lion students in Turkey have to take an exam and need to get a good score to have experiences with this program.

I am very happy because I was a part of this exchange. My experience was great.
I was in two families. In first one I didn't have company, but the parents were so great and they did everything they could to make this experience amazing for me. The second one was also great, but I liked it better because I had company.
Few days before camp I met Lolo who was fun and Lolo told me something about the camp.

I had a great experience with the Lions Youth Exchange in Italy.

Both of my host families were great. I didn’t expect to have a program in my families, so everything we did was amazing. With my first we visited quite a lot of places. The days we spend at home or at the pool were great too, because it was nice to have a day for not doing something. The family was really nice too. They taught us a little Italian and gave us a lot to eat, all the food was tasty.

Even though we didn’t do as much as in the first family, my second family was great too. The first day they took me to the Lake Garda, we had a great time there. The days after me and my host sister went into the city for shopping. Also at their home it was great. The whole family was – like the first family – really nice and welcoming to me.

Hello this is Julie Bernier, I was a youth exchange camper at Campo Emilia this year.
My experience in Italy with the host families and the camp was absolutely amazing.
My host families were good people, and they made me feel very welcome and took me to amazing places. 
The camp was amazing, I had tons of fun and I have made memories that will last a lifetime. 
I wouldn't change anything about the camp or anything about my experience. 

My trip to Italy had started on June 25th.
It was the first time I had ever gone out of the United States, and I was really excited to see what all of it was going to be like - the plane ride there, the country, the people- everything.
My first host family was great- they were really welcoming and friendly and made my time with them go smoothly. We went and saw different towns around their home in Carpi every day- we saw a few castles, which I learned there was a lot of in Italy, and went to a beautiful lake one day with beautiful villas and a lot of tourists.
My second host family was wonderful, too- they were very friendly and gave me everything I needed. I went to the pool and shopping with them, and relaxed a lot in the house.

I attended the camp from Turkey and I was in Italy for 3 weeks.
To be honest, I had some problems with my first host family. When I arrived, it was Saturday and it was good.
Also on Sunday they took me to the beach and Verona so everything was nice. But on Monday, my host mom and dad went to work. They had 3 children and one of their daughters was my age. The others siblings also went to work and I was alone with the girl that was my age.
The problem is, she did not know English. And it was like this the whole week. I was alone at home with someone that I could not even talk to.

I want to thank you for everything.
It was great opportunity for me to meet those amazing people and make new friends.
The first host family was really amazing and I really liked the time spent with them.
My second host family was nice and I liked them too but they were little bit busy for hosting.  
And the camp it was jus wonderful.
Starting with the camp leaders ending with campers everything was amazing.
Thank you for making me part of this.
I will never be able to forget these amazing three weeks.
Wish you all the best .

I had a really good trip.
Both my host families did a great job, and made me feel a part of the family. So nothing to say there. 
The camp were also really good, we got to see some great things. The whole Lion staff was great. 
I do not have so much to say, everything was great. 
Have a good evening.

Thank you for your leadership with this camp and for all the great activities that were planned during this exchange.
Esther loved her time in Italy and can’t wait to return again someday.
I am confident that this intercultural experience has changed her in more ways than she knows and opened her heart and mind to what it means to be a Lion all over the world.

Thanks again,

Tiffany George 

(Esther parents)

July 13th started the best days of my life ❤
I arrived in Lions Campo Emilia and the adventure began. 
First day was only arriving and meeting campers and stuff. 
I wouldn't have ever guessed that those 19 other campers from 15 different countries and our camp stuff would become so close to me only in 10 days. 

And finally the time to say "see you" has come! 
It is amazing how different people with different cultures can get along so well in such a short time! 
I won't forget any moment I spent with you, guys. 

Saying "goodbye" is never easy. Especially, when you know you won't be able to see someone extremely important to you for a long time. 
I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful to you guys. I felt like it was a trip around the world, even though I stayed in the same place. I learned new words like "batti cinque" or "yläfemma" and now I know how to pronounce "cabbage" properly. I learned that although we come from different countries, we're all pretty similar. 

Thanks, thanks everybody,
I've just finished a fantastic experience as a staff member of Lions Lake Camp! I came here as a Leo who wanted to improve his English and to have fun but in the end I'm a better person, a growing-up person with 15 new friends around the world! During the Camp I met a lot of people: my 3 roommates with whom I share "the man time" every night, before going to sleep - with Marcelo I loved singing Italian songs, my Danish friend Kean and I always play in swimming pool, my German friend and I got emotional together. 
I also met my fantastic American friends: 3 girls completely different but fantastic and very funny as well! I met a marmede form the Lone Star State, a fantastic singer from Missouri and a very funny girl form Wisconsin. I met my great friend Doora that helped me in every moment and she was my special advisor,