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During my experience in Germany, I’ve spent fifteen days in a host family and twelve days in a Lions camp.

I really appreciated the family hospitality: they always tried to make me feel at home. They explained me everything about the places we visited together, sometimes they asked me if I wanted Italian food and they made me join some family activities. Once I went to school with my host sister: it wasn’t very interesting because I don’t understand German, but it was nice to see how a different school system works.

I also visited my host father company: I stayed there for one morning and I meet all the employees. 

Unluckily, the weather was often bad and for this reason we couldn’t go out and I had to spend a lot of time alone in my room

I had the opportunity to meet my camp mates before moving to the camp, and it was great, because we managed to get friend very quickly. 

The camp experience was even better than the family one. It was really exciting to meet people from all over the world with completely different cultures. I lost many prejudices about the other countries and I learnt a lot of new things. We had a cooking night, so we tried original food from all over the world, including dishes that nobody knows in Italy.

We had many team activities, such as canoeing, high ropes course, archery, geo haking, which, in my opinion, strengthened our relationships. We visited some cities and some places in the area: sometimes we didn’t enjoy those trips because we would have rather visited more important places.

Although we had some problems during the stay at the camp, we didn’t argue because of them and we learnt a lot from them. It was nice to see that it was a positive experience also for our camp leaders, and not only for us. 

The most moving moment was the farewell party: we performed some dances and some songs and we presented three countries. It was really hard to say goodbye to people that had been your friends for one month. 

It has been a deep experience for me and I am very grateful to have had this great opportunity.