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Hi, I’ m Elisabetta Rocchetti from Bergamo, in Lombardia. I went to Germany this June thanks to Lions Club International. It was the first experience for me (travelling by plane on my own and staying so far away from my home) and, I don’t know why, even if I’m almost celebrating my 17th birthday, I wasn’t so scared about the flight and all the rest on that day. Everything was fine and my host mum and sister were waiting for me at Düsseldorf airport. The first moment I had to speak in English was horrible, but my host sister Liz was so polite and patient to explain to me all I needed. Everything, everyone, every moment I spent with my host family is unforgettable…Really. During that first period in Germany I learnt many things about German lifestyle. My host family showed to me so many attractions and landmarks next to Mülheim, the city where I was staying, and I was having so much fun with them! Unfortunately, I can’t speak German, but thanks to this experience (and my host family, that was so polite and available to help me) I have improved my English (I hope so). I couldn’t meet a host family better than the Watermann family.

I moved in the camp after 10 days spent with them. I thought the first days it would be a little embarrassing not knowing the other camp members… but from the beginning everything was so easy and I felt like the group fit me and everyone felt like me. Everyone wanted to know someone else in all the ways: not only the culture or the different lifestyle, but also as a person and friend. During my staying in the camp I discovered even more German landmarks: many German Lions Clubs organized many activities for and trips; it was impossible to not have fun with a friends group such as that and amazing activities like those… The last day everyone was crying because of the close link we created between us. For other 10 days I was living with such funny and amazing guys which were making my life different…better. 

I thank everyone who has let take part in this experience and live those wonderful days, meeting wonderful people.


Warm greeting

Famiglia Rocchetti Elisabetta 

To the very kind, Mrs. Carlotta, Maria Grazia, Laura, Fam. Watermann, Mr. Christian, Mr. Martin we are the parents of Elisabetta Rocchetti, who has just completed the experience in Germany. 
It seems more than legitimate to tell our heartfelt thanks. 
The family Watermann was for Elisabetta a good opportunity of confrontation, not only for the different habits of lifestyle, of the place where they live, but also for what she has received so free and generously. Welcome and be welcomed presupposes always a comparison with themselves, get involved .
For this we thank so much every member of that family included! 

The next experience with all the guys and the team's camp, was the "icing on the cake", the completion of a series of experiences. The union, which has spontaneously created in the group, the ease of the exchange, be friends from the first evening, it was wonderful .. wonder we adults sometimes so closed in our limits. 

Elisabetta has absorbed and then brought home this wonderful experience. Maybe for the team's camp is normal to see young people unknown to each other, being able to feel so friends and so closed in such a short time ... for us, at home is superlative. With the certainty that this experience for Elisabetta, has been of great help in this phase of growth ... we still want to thank you for everything and for everything that was donated to us.

 A warm greeting, Barbara and Eugenio