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Hi to everybody! I’m Filiberto, I’m twenty one years old, I am Italian and I’m visually impared.

This summer I’ve spent a fantstic holiday at Lake Joseph Centre in Canada, which is 200 kilometres away from Toronto in Ontario part. The centre was structured for people blind and visually impared, so for example everything was without steps, etc.



The Camp was in a place surrounded by a large lake and by a lot of nature.

There were people of every age and every kind, so I could make lots of friendship; of course everybody were Canadian, while I was the only Italian, but I think that it’s very good to practise English. Then I can say that Canadian people are very nice and agreeable as the Americans, even if there are cultural differences.

There, I had the possibility to a lot of water activities: for example swimming in the lake, going canoing, fishing, biking, etc. I especially swam, because I like it and I was lucky, because I’ve gone in August and the weather was hot.

Of course everybody was completely independent there; in fact the activities of the day and other things were announced by loudspeaker, so that everybody could hear everywhere and there everyone could choose what to do. In fact if I didn’t want to do anything there wasn’t any problem, because if I didn’t like activities of one day, the best thing I could do to spend my time was to go around the camp and to talk with other people I met. Then when I needed something, I could go to an office in front of my cottage where there was the reception with people for everything, besides of a room to stay and a small store shop to but something to eat and to drink.

Besides of activities you can do inside the camp, some nights I chose to go to Legion Disco ten minutes away by private bus; I can say that Canadian discos are a little bit different from Italian ones, because at Legion there are a lot of tables with chairs where you can sit down and then a space to dance wonderful international music!!!!

Finally I can say that I had a good experience there and I think that the most important thing when I travel is to know new countries and new kind of cultures and people.

So who wants to try this experience, catch up with things and enjoy yourself!

Of course for further information you can contact me by Facebook: Filiberto Genovesi