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My Lions exchange program in Austria was one of the best experiences of my whole life. I met a lot of amazing people and I built long-lasting friendship, I saw stunning landscapes and learned a lot about another lifestyle, were people are always connected with the place where they lived. The food were good as well, in particular the sausages and all the other typical Styrian dishes.

Every day was a new adventure, from hiking on the Duchstein to swimming in the cool waters of the mountain lakes. The nature is everywhere in Austria and, for this, I enjoyed every single place. In the camp I had also a very good time for its good organization. The location was unique, on a big beautiful lake and the new wooden building was a good place to live in those three weeks. In the morning we had some hours of choir practise, instead in the afternoon we participated in every gender of things, from visiting the big cities like Vienna and Salzburg, to do some volunteering work, singing for the elder people. We had the chance to meet guys from every side of the world, learning more about their countries and, maybe, singing and playing together, because music is an international language that is able to connect all the people together, things that happened in our choir performances. 

This camp was the best experience of my life, I am sure that I will never forget all the beautiful people, the stunning places and the great feelings behind it.