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L'avventura sta per iniziare!
Nei vari distretti Lions italiani i ragazzi selezionati per partecipare al programma Scambi Giovanili hanno ricevuto le raccomandazoni e le informazioni necessarie per partecipare a questa iniziativa che ogni anno manda centinaia di ragazzi in giro per il mondo a rappresentare i Lions italiani ma soprattutto la nostra Italia.
Un compito gravoso che affronteranno con il sorriso sulle labbra, l'esuberanza e la gioia che la loro giovane età caratterizza.


Riceviamo e con pacere pubblichiamo:




I just want to thank all these amazing people for the beautiful moments we had in the camp together.
Each one of you has made this camp worth remembering!

A special thanks to Ivo Benedetti for the possibility he has given me to be your best staff member ever and to the Lions club that permitted to make this experience possible for all of us. These wonderful memories will be in my heart forever! Love you so much and hope to see you again soon!


Ciao a tutti! After 3 days passed without the camp, I remember the days I spent with such beautiful people. I just want to thank you all for this first and best experience of my life (as a camp leader) which will be stuck in my mind forever. I would like to say thank you to Margherita Muzzi , the person from where I heard about this camp and that gave me the possibility to participate. At first I was a little bit insecure, but my insecurity was immediately cancelled by a person: Ivo Benedetti.

With him I immediately “kept calm, relax” and get out from my insecurity because we agreed about every single way to organise the camp. He also gave me many instructions to become a “leader” and to make the rules respected with amusement and fun all together. 
Thank you to my best staff team, all the campers and all the Lions members. I love you guys. ♥️ 

Sono Kean dalla Danimarca e quest'anno sono staff nel campo dei laghi del Lions Club. Ho 21 anni e ho studiato italiano per 3 anni nel liceo danese, ma oggi dovrò parlare in inglese purtroppo.

Last year I was so fortunate to be a camper myself at lakes camp and this year ivo gave me the opportunity to return as a staff member.

As a camper you get to experience and get to know different cultures from around the world. I got knowledge that I could not receive anywhere else than lakes camp of italy.

This year I got the opportunity to be a part of giving these beautiful young people the same experiences and emotions that are still stuck in my mind and my heart from last year.

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