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Per quanto mi dolga ammetterlo, il giorno in cui mi hanno proposto l’esperienza degli Scambi giovanili in Malesia, non ne sono rimasto molto entusiasta.
Sebbene conscio del fatto che tale offerta sarebbe stata da considerare come un grande privilegio, il fatto che la Malesia non figurasse fra le destinazioni da me prescelte, aveva reso incerte le mie aspettative.

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Hello all!! I finally made the video that i was talking about and wanted to share it with you guys :)

It's crazy to think that last we saw each other was one and a half month ago and i have really started to miss you all. I continue to miss you all and hopefully see you in the future :)

Love from Oliver <3  


Today, as the year ends, and I reflect upon all the beautiful things that happened to me, I realise that travelling to Italy was undoubtedly the best thing so far. 
To all the people who gave me this opportunity, thank you sooo much! 
And to all the happy and likeminded souls I met along this journey of ours, there's no one like you, and I'm glad you contributed to making this such a beautiful year for me! 
Wishing alllll you crazy people around the world, A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Hope to see you soon!